Riboteks is the first trout fish farm in this region that has established the strict principles of the HACCP system and the ISO 9001 standard. Their consistent application in both the production and the fishing and the transport of the trout to consumers guarantees a quality and safe product.

The technological process of production is controlled on a daily basis and every stage is subject to special protection measures, with all input raw materials, packing and other material used in the production being also subject to control.

The fish farm is located in the environmentally protected area of the Trešnjica river gorge. The production facilities and almost a half hectare of ponds are supplied with high-purity water from the river Trešnjica and the Modro Vrelo spring which have no pollutants. Special attention is paid to the fish feed, which is another warranty of the highest quality.

With the purpose of improving the genetic potential and quality of the juvenile trout, in addition to its own production, Riboteks imports specially selected fish eggs from the world’s foremost centres - Troutlodge (USA) and Troutex (Denmark), for its production. As a result, the company is now recognised as a reproduction centre of the highest quality juvenile trout.